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360 LT M # 15415

Collings 360 LT M #15415

We were honored when guitarist Nels Cline, who is well known for playing off-set style guitars, requested we build this custom 360 LT M for his work with the renowned band Wilco. Nels opted for Lollar Gold Foil pickups to add a bit more body and midrange punch over our standard Lollar Alnico Pole P90's, which by comparison offer a more clear and detailed tone. Additionally, the way the Gold Foils handle overdrive and fuzz is quirky and fun, as the more squared-off waveform they produce can be less smooth and more "buzzsaw". The red trim over the Warm White finish really makes a bold statement, which is exactly what Nels was looking for with this guitar.

Base Model


  • Warm White

Custom Options

  • Lollar Gold Foil Pickups
  • Cream Pickup Rings
  • Red 1-Ply Pickguard and Truss Rod Cover
  • Red Top Hat Knobs and Switch Tip