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Welcome to the Collings virtual shop tour. You can browse through our shop room by room by selecting a category below.

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Would you rather see the real thing in person? We offer shop tours most Fridays starting at 3:30pm. The tour generally lasts 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the size of the group. Space is limited, so we ask that you please call in advance to reserve your tour.

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In this room our acoustic guitar sides, tops and backs become fully assembled bodies.  Each top and back brace is glued using a vacuum press and then hand-scalloped to its final shape and thickness.  We take pride in ensuring our guitars are as clean on the inside as the outside so each brace and piece of slotted cedar kerfing is painstakingly placed and glued.  We also affix all of our binding and purfling on these benches.  Each binding lamination and purfling strip is hand-glued and then sanded flat.  The final step is to sand each body perfectly level to its final grit before it moves on to the finish department.

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