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MT2 Carpathian # 4302

Collings MT2 Carpathian #4302

This custom MT2 is among the first to feature a beautiful Carpathian spruce top, which we are excited to make available on a limited basis for our fully-appointed mandolin models. Sourced from the mountains of central/eastern Europe bearing the same name, this long-coveted tonewood is known for its unique structural characteristics that make it an excellent choice for mandolins. Carpathian spruce is often compared to Red spruce for its exceptional stiffness, yet it is also incredibly lightweight and responsive. With rich and complex overtones and a strong midrange presence, this mandolin rings like a bell with a resonance you can feel throughout the instrument. This openness of tone and feel also translates to effortless playability, making for a truly winning combination.

Base Model


  • Honey Amber

Custom Options

  • Carpathian Spruce Top
  • Tortoise Bindings
  • Gotoh Tuners with Black Buttons