The Evolution of the


Chris Eldridge


Explore the New T-Series

Our Traditional Series or "T-Series” guitars represent an exciting vintage-inspired tonal variation on the distinctive Collings sound. In developing the Traditional series, great care was taken to maintain the power, balance, and clarity that makes the Collings voice unique while adjusting aspects of the design that contribute to the warm, rounded highs, present low midrange, and open feel showcased throughout the T-Series lineup.

Key T-Series Features

  • Strong Fundamental Midrange Response
  • Full-bodied Treble Notes
  • Lightweight Build and Tonewood Selection
  • Redesigned Neck Support
  • Abbreviated Bridge Plate
  • No Tongue Brace
  • Ultra-thin All Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
  • Optional Vintage Satin Finish
  • Gold Mother-of-Pearl Inlays
  • Wood Fiber Purflings
  • Subtle Golden Aging Toner

Traditional Voicing and Construction

Great care is taken in hand-selecting lightweight, resonant tonewoods for the Traditional series. Each instrument is then hand-voiced and constructed using bracing carves, tolerances, and techniques specific to the T-Series, all designed to showcase the most desirable characteristics present in coveted pre-war instruments. The result of this alternate approach to construction is a strong fundamental tonality with a dry and articulate pick attack and exceptionally dynamic response.

Fully Redesigned Neck Support

One of the primary functions of the neck is to transfer string energy back into the body of the guitar. Part of the evolution of our Traditional series has been continued research into how neck construction affects the tone, feel, and response of an acoustic instrument. While our Traditional neck profile has not changed, the internal design has been reengineered for 2020 to centralize the mass of the neck supports, resulting in an adjustable truss rod design with the benefits of a T-bar neck. These changes further enhance the rounded highs and open feel that are signatures of our Traditional instruments.

Appointments and Custom Options

Part of the vintage charm that our T-Series instruments impart comes from a package of period-correct appointments and features that are unique to the Traditional Series. Each model includes gold mother-of-pearl inlays, genuine wood fiber purflings, custom bridge pins, and subtle golden toner over the entire instrument for an unmistakably classic aesthetic. A number of custom options are also available to meet your individual preferences, including several sunburst options, an alternate neck profile with a narrower 1 11/16" nut width, and a drop-in saddle option for those planning to install an undersaddle pickup system.

Ultra-thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

Allowing the lightweight tonewoods selected for our Traditional series to move properly is critical to building a new instrument that – like the best vintage specimens – sounds open and feels “played-in”. We achieve this on our T-Series through the application of an ultra-thin, all-lacquer finish that is meticulously hand-sanded between coats and repeatedly measured throughout the process.

New Vintage Satin Finish Option

For those seeking a more understated aesthetic and even warmer tone, we now offer our Traditional series instruments in a Vintage Satin finish. This option utilizes the same ultra-thin, all-lacquer finish of our glossy T-Series instruments but with the sleek, sheen look of satin. It also imparts a subtly more fundamental, woody flavor to the Collings sound when compared to the Traditional gloss finish.