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OM1 A JL SB # 27815

Collings OM1 A JL SB #27815

Two of Julian Lage’s primary goals for the OM1 JL model was pure and “honest” tone accompanied by simple, understated appointments. Thus, in the interest of staying true to the concept, we’ve limited customization of this model to a few select options. Among these is an upgrade to an Adirondack spruce top, which offers the highest stiffness to weight ratio of any of the spruces and in effect maximizes tonal potential. We also offer our 1-style sunburst, which blends beautifully with the tortoise bindings and semi-gloss finish, maintaining the minimal and elegant aesthetic of the instrument.

Base Model


  • 1-Style Sunburst

Custom Options

  • Adirondack Spruce Top